Since 1974 serving our customers

Since 1974 the company supports its customers with its professionalism, proposing a wholesale service suited to the quality and without ever losing sight of the human relationship: characteristics that have granted the company's success.

The DESARROLLO Y FOMENTO COMERCIAL S.L. is a company founded in 1974 by Mr ALEJANDRO VARAS HERNANDO and Mrs GLORIA PESQUERA GONZALES; in 2016 the shares have been transferred to a relative Mr GIORGIO Antonio. So, despite the great development, the company still represents a family business.

It all started from the intuition of VARAS HERNANDO and PESQUERA GONZALES, two traders settled in Madrid. In 1974 they decided to join, creating DESARROLLO Y FOMENTO COMERCIAL S.A., so to work as a wholesale warehouse at the service of the hotels and restaurants.

Through the years, thanks to the entrepreneurial skills of its owners, the company has grown and has expanded its market by entering cheese, fish and frozen vegetables, and also introducing dry food at room temperature (canned food, oil, pasta, food and non food products). By this step the company is so able to offer a complete and wide range of products for catering.

Finally, in 2016, the last step has come, that of entering fresh fish.

Supplying from the various Spanish markets and importing products from France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Norway, the company has enriched even further its range.

To be more competitive in the market, trading agreements have been taken with selected suppliers in various parts of the world. In particular, collaborations in participation with companies in RUSSIA, AFRICA, INDIA were realized to obtain quality products, thanks to the presence on site of our trusted staff.


The DESARROLLO Y FOMENTO COMERCIAL S.L. ‘s partners belong to the best companies in the foreign market. They have been selected to offer the maximum in terms of quality and reliability.

To the wide range, some refined imported and local products have been added. For example in terms of cheese, the company has conducted a careful selection, with an attentive eye to the territory but even to the globalization